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     This webpage contains the delivrable WP4.3 M4.2 of the European Project DRIVER II about Institutional Repositories and Enhanced Publications, funded by the European Commission. This part of the project was done by Paul Doorenbosch (ed.), Eugène Dürr, Maarten Hoogerwerf, Jens Ludwig, Birgit Schmidt and Barbara Sierman. The demonstrator was built by Eugène Dürr of 3. TU (Delft).
Until the Commission has accepted the delivrable, it is under embargo. We will give notice on this site the moment the delivrable is free to use.



  • Process Visualisation as QuickTime Movie (version 3)
    Note: It is advised to first download the movie before opening it. Due to its size it will take some time before it starts playing. We are working on a streaming version, that will be published in some weeks.
Explanation for the Process Visualisation Movie: Explanation for the movie

Software of the Demo:

Example Input Resources , intermediate and final results*.

Schematic representation of a possible splitting process


Held at the Workshop in The Hague (Koninklijke Bibliotheek) 23 April, 2009
* EP = Enhanced Publication in rdf/xml, pub = publication part, DS = dataset part